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Lit Batteries are Heavy Duty Lithium Ion Battery Banks made specifically for off-grid adventure, yet perfect for nearly any application where you need power. Find out more information through our most asked questions below.  

How Easy Are Lit Batteries To Use?

We strive to keep our systems easy to use, maintain, and obtain. Installation is a breeze with only 4 cables to connect. Wire your battery to your inverter and solar charge controller and you have power.

Many other battery banks on the market, like the most commonly used 12V drop-in lead-acid replacements, require extensive knowledge and research to hook up. Such as, how to run and connect your batteries in series or parallel, wiring configurations involving correctly sized wires for your specific setup, properly sized and placed lugnuts and multiple other components.

Your Lit Battery has a built in battery management system (BMS) for no user maintenance. The only time you will want to pay attention to your installed Lit Battery is during times of extreme temperatures and when you want to store it. 

What is a BMS and How Does it Protect my Battery?

The battery maintenance system or BMS protects your battery from most common causes of battery failure like extreme temperatures, surges in currents and voltage, and short circuits. This keeps your battery running at optimal input and output for maximum cycle usage.

Are Lit Batteries good for Travel and Off-Road Boondocking?

Our heavy duty battery banks are built with top of the line protective measures in place for every adventurers needs. Built in an IP67 Military Grade Case your battery is airtight, watertight, dust proof and protected from the jostling and vibrations of heavy road use and off roading applications. 

What Size Battery Do I Need For My System?

Our 48V 150AH LiFePO4 battery is the closest thing possible to a one size fits all when it comes to campers. 

Perfect for van conversions to run everything needed like fridge, multiple maxx air fans or an AC, and all your accessories with enough storage capacity to keep you running through the rainy days. While also fully capable of handling the load of a 40ft RV packed full for a family of 5 for years. Run your entire household and even an air conditioner. Sound amazing? See Why a 48V Battery is better than a 12V Battery Bank Here

or call: (808)258-9749 email anytime to get answers about your specific set up.

Do Lit Batteries Come With A Warranty?

Lit Batteries come with a 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty. We take great pride in the way all of our energy storage systems are built. In the unlikely event of a battery failure caused by a direct result of our production process we will fix or replace your battery. Damage caused from improper storage, usage, and owner negligence is not covered. Cell cycles are not covered as this relies solely on owner usage. Shipping and handling remain the responsibility of the battery owner. 

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48V lithium battery for sprinter van conversion, off-grid
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