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Get The Best Battery To Make Your Adventure The Best It Can Be

You know you want solar for your travel adventures but the options are overwhelming and the information out there is confusing and unhelpful. Let us show you The Absolute Best + Easiest Way To Get Powered In Your RV, Bus, or Van.

First Off, You Want 48V NOT 12V

12V Batteries Are Not Made To Power Large Systems. They were the first solution to replace lead-acid batteries but they are
– a power sucker with high amp draw
– a hassle and unnecessarily expensive when assembling multiple batteries
– unable to maintain balance in series
– limited growth (unable to upgrade to higher power)

48V Batteries Are Made To Store and Deliver Large Amounts Of Power
– Low Amp Draw
– Easy Enough For DIY Installs
– Consistently Balanced With ONE BMS For A Longer Lasting System
– Unlimited Potential To Add Power

Get Lit Battery Banks To Power All Your Modern Needs. Anywhere.

Equivalent to 4 – 12V 100AH Batteries In Series… All Rolled Into One Beast Of A Battery.
– Easy Install
– One BMS For An Always Balanced Battery
– Built In Pelican Case For Extreme Protection

This Is The Only Battery You Need To Get Fully Powered And Off-Grid!

Lit Battery Banks are designed to power any and all of your modern day needs. Long lasting and powerful enough to keep you off-grid, even on the rainy days. Lit Batteries are maintenance free and user-friendly.

Why Buy 4,5, or 6 12V Batteries When One 48V Lit Battery Bank Is All You Need!

ALL Lit Batteries Come With FREE Equipment + Materials List To Get Your Entire System Done Right!
– No Need To Pay Extra $$$ For Expensive Kits
– Free Consultation To Figure Out Exactly What Your Specific Set Up Needs
– Clickable Links In Email For Easy DIY Equipment Purchases


Complimentary Video/Phone Chat Support with your Battery Purchase to make your DIY Install Easy. Professional Install Available USA Wide.

Built in Heavy Duty Cases for Extreme Protection Against Weather, Water, Dust, Bumps, and Vibrations.

Come With A 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty!

Coupon Code Expires November 15th!

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Perfect for your RV, Van, or Skoolie
Lit Heavy Duty Battery Banks are made Specifically For Your Off-Grid Adventure.

Lit Batteries Latest FB Testimonial

When I and my wife decided we were going with a solar setup for our fifth-wheel it was pretty confusing and seemed like it would be a difficult task to find all the required parts and wiring so we contacted Derek at Lit Batteries. He supplied us with a list of all required items and where to buy them. After everything was delivered he came to our location at a campground and installed everything and also went over the entire process of install, what to expect and how to run everything. He was a tremendous help and extremely professional. Even after all work was done he is still very willing to help us if we have any problems or questions. We have had our solar setup for months now and it has never let us down and is very convenient having power wherever we go. I would recommend get Lit Batteries to anyone. Derek was a saving grace for me and my wife. Thanks for everything Derek!

Deezy Mcclellan

Get Your Adventures Powered With A Lit Battery Bank

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48V lithium battery for sprinter van conversion, off-grid
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