We build 48V battery banks to power all your modern needs.. anywhere. Perfect to power RVs, Vans, Converted Buses and Skoolies, and even Off-grid Cabins and Homes.

48V To Power Your Life

Every Lit Battery Is Built For RV Living With All Life's Essentials, Anywhere. That is why we only use 48V.

  • The Power of 4 - 12V Batteries Rolled Into One Efficient Ready To Use Battery Bank

  • Easily Add On To Existing 12V Systems

  • No Complicated Wiring Configuration Like When Using Less Efficient Setup Of Multiple 12V Batteries

  • Best Battery Bank For RVs And Camper Conversions

Complete Solar Kit + Battery

We at Lit Batteries know how complicated it can be to figure out all the components needed to power your specific needs. That is why

Every Lit Battery Purchase Comes With FREE

  • Solar Design

  • Complete Custom Inventory List Right Down To The Wires And Bolts

  • Wiring Diagrams

  • Phone/Video Support For DIY Installation

complete solar kit setup with 48V battery bank inverter solar charge controller panels

48v lithium battery for rv van offgrid living boondocking solar

Get A Custom Quote Today

2 Min To Get Started On Your Solar Journey

We Offer The Best Complete RV Solar Kits Options on the Market

We are able to do this by not upcharging or storing equipment ourselves. Instead, we help by designing a complete system with you based on your specific needs for FREE. After your battery purchase we send a complete equipment checklist. This comes as clickable links to keep it simple for you. Every solar kit includes

  • 48V LiFeP04 Battery

  • Solar Panels + Mounting Hardware

  • Inverter/Charger

  • MPPT Solar Charge Controller

  • Wires, Nuts, Sealant, Battery Monitor, etc

Our most common Complete Solar + Battery Setups range from $5700 to $10,000.

DIY or Professional RV Solar Install

We make DIY RV solar installs easy. Every Lit Battery purchase comes with a complete wiring diagram and complimentary phone/video support to help you every step of the way.

We also provide Professional Installs starting at $1500.

Get Your Custom Solar Design

Fill out our 2min Solar Quote Form to Start Your Solar Journey Today!

Example Setups From

Past Client Solar Designs

DIY Complete Solar Kit For RV


  • ECOLIT 48V 7.2kWh Reclaimed Battery

  • 4 x 400W Solar Panels

  • SunGoldPower 4000w Inverter/Charger

  • Victron Solar Charge Controller

  • Victron Smart Battery Monitor

  • Victron Battery Temperature Monitor

  • Victron DC/DC Converter

Ready To Start Your Solar Adventure?

Contact us today to get a custom solar design. We can't wait to help you Get Lit and Live Free.

48V lithium battery for sprinter van conversion, off-grid