48V 135AH 7.2kWh Li-Ion Battery Bank – Reclaimed



48V Lithium Ion Battery
Usable Power 7.2Kwh
2500+ Cycle Life
10 Yr Warranty
Easily Integrates with 12V
Save Big and Get All The Power with Quality Tested Reclaimed Cells

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Adventure Anywhere with All of Your Modern Day Needs! The only battery made specifically to get your RV off-grid and be capable of powering your entire household as long as you need. Building a house, or have an off-grid site? Your battery can power that too. Get your powerful and efficient ECOLIT today and be prepared for 2021!

Lithium Ion Battery Banks designed Specifically for Off-Grid Adventure. Perfect for your Van Conversion, RV, or Off-Grid Cabin. ECOLIT Batteries are built with quality-tested reclaimed cells. Recycled cells are put through rigorous high-standard testing and refurbished to perform as new batteries. All specs and life cycles provided are true capacity to provide the same power and function as a new battery.

48V Li-Ion 18650 Battery Bank
135 AHs
Usable Power 7.2Kwh

Max Voltage 58.8
Min Voltage 42
Nominal Voltage 48V

Max Continuous Discharge Current 100A
Max Charge Current 50A

Max Charge Temperature 32F –  113F
Max Discharge Temperature 32F – 140F

All Lit Batteries are covered by a 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

Additional information

Weight 120 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 16 × 10 in


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48V lithium battery for sprinter van conversion, off-grid