Rv Family Boondocking. Lithium Batteries At Lit Batteries

The Best RV Battery For Boondocking.

Lit Batteries RV Battery is made for Boondocking.

Our family behind Lit Batteries knows how important a good solar setup and battery is for Vanlife, RV, and Skoolie living. Since we traveled, lived and remote worked for a year with our 3 small kids. We were able to erase our debt and pay off our solar set up that year by boondocking full-time.

Rv Family Boondocking. Lithium Batteries At Lit Batteries

Now we are dedicated advocates for the lifestyle, and deliver all the comforts of home, with the best battery available for boondocking.

What is Boondocking?

Boondocking, also referred to as Drycamping and free camping, is when you rv travel off-grid with no dependence on campgrounds or utilities such as power, sewer and water hook-ups. You can find places to boondock in your Van or RV mostly out west on BLM land and National Forest land.

What are the benefits of boondocking?

  • Free Camping
    Camping is awesome but it’s even better when it’s Free! After the pandemic RV campgrounds have been packed and with the demand comes raised prices. Nowadays you can expect to pay $50 – $90 a night for a full hookup site. BLM land offers 14 days of free rv parking, camping, and adventuring! This is an excellent way to supplement your travels and some even opt to full-time boondock to save money and pay off debt.
  • No Reservations
    With packed RV campgrounds comes lots of pre-planning and reservations. Reservations in well maintained or highly-rated family parks are usually 6 months to a year out! With BLM land you don’t have to worry about calling, checking in, or planning your time of arrival around closed gates and check in times.
  • No Neighbors
    How amazing does it sound to pull into a park and pick your neighbors or have no neighbors at all! Welcome to RV Camping on BLM land. For most BLM spots you will have plenty of space to roam and can avoid neighbors or pick and choose to park near people you may share interest with.
  • Peace and Quiet
    Solidarity, quiet, and deep connection with yourself, nature, and your loved ones. There is something magical about being in remote places. The peace and quiet you can achieve RV camping on BLM Land is unsurpassed and something you have to experience to understand.
  • Adventure Out Your Back Door
    One of the best parts of RV and Van camping on BLM land is how accessible adventure is. Boondocking is an incredible way to connect with nature while exploring new places.

How To Get Power Boondocking in an RV or Van?

To boondock for more than an overnight stay you will need lots of stored power (a big battery)! There are a few ways to get power for different levels of needs but you will find one reigns superior. See what options people are using when going off-grid in an RV, Van, or Skoolie and what the best RV battery for boondocking is.

Many people use generators for short-term camping and boondocking. The problem is they are expensive to run, noisy (which makes annoyed camping neighbors), smelly, and a pain to maintain.

Fun Fact: Our family behind Lit Batteries boondocked for a year and used a generator to run our RV for a month while we upgraded to solar. We averaged $25 a day in gas and had to maintain the oil weekly. That would have cost $9500 in gas that year alone.. enough to pay for our entire solar setup and battery that will provide up to 25 years of power!

solar rv 48V battery for off-grid boondocking

Cheap Lead-Acid Batteries
Most RVs and Motorhomes come with a cheap lead-acid battery. These batteries are incredibly easy to ruin and offer little power. Lead-Acid Batteries lose years of life simply by

  • using more than 50% capacity
  • water levels aren’t maintained
  • they get overcharged/undercharged

It is not uncommon for new RV owners and vanlifers on a budget to ruin these batteries their first few uses.

Sizing Setup Too Small
Get on social media and you will find 12V batteries rigged together to power RVs, Buses, and Skoolies. Most are unaware though, that 12V has serious drawbacks for large systems. Using 3 or more 12V batteries together causes loss of efficiency and an unbalanced system. Besides being impossible to upgrade, large 12V setups are unnecessarily expensive and complicated.

It is simple to upgrade an existing 12V system with a DC converter and a 48V Lithium Battery. This easily converts the original system into a much more powerful and efficient setup. One that can handle multiple AC units and provide enough power for modern living anywhere.

Read More About
12V VS 48V | What’s The Difference And Which One Do You Need

Residential Solar Panels and 48V RV Battery
The absolute Best way to boondock in an RV or Van is to install Solar and a 48V Lithium battery. Solar is the most expensive up-front, but offers the most benefits and is a great investment that saves money over time. Many Rvers travel with their 48V Lithium Battery Bank and then later use it to power their dream homes. Now that is power and cost efficient!

What is the Best RV Battery for Boondocking?

When our family at Lit Batteries traveled we tried generators, lead-acid batteries, 12V, 36V and 48V batteries.. in that order. For all that, we finally found happiness when we upgraded to a 48V lithium battery. Now we weren’t conserving power in the evening and waiting for the sun to get high in the morning to power our heavy use items. We were blown away. 48V lithium is by far the best rv battery for boondocking.

After we realized the difference the 48V battery had on our lives and travel we shared the epiphany with every traveler we crossed. Soon we were busy building batteries for other families traveling in RVs and Lit Batteries was born.

Born from Boondocking. Built for boondocking.

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What Size Lit Battery Do I Need For Boondocking?

Lit Batteries offers the easiest battery sizing guide out there.

1 Battery
You only need ONE 48V Lit Battery if you are powering a converted van or small RV or Motorhome and the largest appliance you have is a mini-split. You can run a mini-split AC unit through the day and a few hours at night, along with all your typical accessories with just 1 Lit Battery (in good sun with the appropriate solar setup)!

2 Batteries
If you have a washer/dryer, AC or other similar sized units you want to run day and night off-grid or boondocking in your RV you need Two Lit 48V Lithium Batteries.

3 Batteries
For running multiple AC Units full-time while boondocking or going off-grid with a large luxury RV you will benefit most with Three 48V Lit batteries.

Want help figuring out the best system for you? Fill out our 2 min Solar Quote!

How Long Will A Get Lit Battery Last Boondocking?

Lit Batteries designs our RV batteries and solar setups to give you continuous power day and night. In full sun you will be able to run your appliances how you normally would day-in and day-out for years. Even in low light conditions, such as rainy days, your system will run normally for 3-5 days and much longer if you are conservative with usage.

And since all Lit batteries come with a 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty we can ensure your RV battery will power your adventures for years on end.

Get Help Building The Perfect Off-Grid Solar Array For Your Needs

We love helping people achieve the lifestyle they have only been dreaming of. Sadly the market is flooded with options that are too expensive, not powerful enough, and hard to manage. We pride ourselves in providing the lowest priced, yet highest quality batteries and solar equipment available on the market today.

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